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The Special Advisory Board for Intermountain Electronics consists of five members with equally diverse backgrounds as the Leadership Team.  With experience in Mining, Electrical Maintenance and Engineering, Geology, Business, Finance, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Education, and Management, the Special Advisory Board provides Intermountain Electronics with valuable direction and advice.




John Houston

John has spent his lifetime in the energy industry. After graduating from Provo Technical College (Utah Valley University) with an electrical degree in the early 1970s, John spent some time servicing the mining industry as an electrical contractor for a few years before joining Arco Coal Company in 1975 to 1981. John learned the industry from the bottom up, starting as a mine electrician before being promoted to Maintenance Manager. In 1981 he joined UP&L’s Mining Division (Emery Mining) where he was ultimately the GM of Electrical Maintenance over four mines. He quickly saw the need for repair services and technology support in the mining industry, and started Intermountain Electronics in 1985. His commitment to customer service meant the business quickly had opportunities to expand beyond electronic repairs - a process that repeated itself many times as customers pulled the business into capital equipment, surface equipment, East and Midwest facilities, and international sales. From its simple roots to its international presence today, John has stayed true to his customer service principles by assembling a team of the world’s best industry experts, whose “customer service DNA” ensures IE customers continue to get the same support and service that they have grown to expect from John over the last 25 years.

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Samuel Quigley

Sam earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology at the University of Utah in 1970. He is currently a Licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Utah. He has worked 35 years in the mining industry including 29 years with ANDALEX Resources, Inc. acting as the General Manager of Western Operations from 1977 to 1995 and Vice President of Operations from 1996 until his retirement in 2006. ANDALEX produced 30% of Utah’s coal tonnage and led the US coal mining industry in productivity and safety for many years under Sam’s supervision.   After two years as a member of IE’s management team, Sam joined Western Energy Hub in early 2010 as General Manager of the Magnum Gas Storage project near Delta, Utah.  This massive project will be the largest gas storage facility in the Western US.  Sam continues to be in the middle of mining and energy development in the Mountain West.

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Robert Houston

Robert’s career in telecom spanned 36 years, starting in Mountain Bell’s management development program after he graduated from Utah State University with a Business Degree in 1970. Over his career, Robert held several key roles, starting with District Manager in the Residence Marketing Group. He then worked in a lead planning role to consolidate the Directory Divisions of Mountain Bell, Northwestern Bell and Pacific Northwest Bell into a separate subsidiary of U.S. West. Robert became CFO of the Directory Division upon the Qwest acquisition of U.S. West. He managed the carve-out of Qwest Dex as it sold to two private equity companies. As Vice President of Finance, he assumed a leadership role in taking Dex Media public through an Initial Public Offering. Robert was responsible for all forecasting, budgeting, resource allocation, strategic planning and internal reporting of the $1.7 billion company. Robert retired in 2006. He is currently living in Castle Pines Village, Colorado with his wife Linda.

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Carl Pollastro

Carl received a mining engineering degree from the University of Utah in 1976 and has worked in the coal mining industry since graduation. He has worked for companies such as Kaiser Steel, Soldier Creek Coal and all of the predecessor companies of Pacificorp in a variety of technical , operational, and leadership positions. In 2009, he retired from Pacificorp as the Director of Mining Operations of Interwest Mining Company. Carl then joined Norwest Corporation, a leading mining and energy consulting company, where he is the Vice President of Engineering and serving on the Board of Directors. He has gained wide exposure to the international mining world and is responsible for driving the business in the coal, agricultural minerals, oil shale, and some metals commodities sectors.

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