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Cable Clamping & Handling Accessories


1001-0200 IE Cable Gland Kit:

Designed for 1.2” - 3.312” cables.  Machined steel mounting flange, cast aluminum clamp and housing.  Includes sealing O-ring and grommet, along with necessary fasteners to assemble the gland.  

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IE Cable Clamps:

Cable clamp with insulators, fasteners, and 18” anchoring chain.  Provides strain relief to protect cable connections and prevent damage.  3 Sizes available to cover a wide range of cable diameters.  Clamping chain may be secured with a 3/8” bolt (or similar).





Hot Sticks: 

IE Hot-Sticks are made with solid steel hooks and D-ring handles solidly attached to insulating handles.   Each hot-stick is high voltage tested by an independent 3rd-party laboratory to ensure safety. Available in different lengths.

Cable Clamping and Handling Accessories Ordering Information

Part # Description
1001-0200 Cable Gland Kit, 1.2” - 3.312” Cables
IC44-1 Cable Clamp, for 5/16” - 1-1/16” Cables 
IC44-2 Cable Clamp, for 1-1/16” - 2-1/4” Cables
IC44-3 Cable Clamp, for 2-1/4” - 3” Cables 
462-4KHS1 Hot Stick, Length (D) = 45”  
462-6KHS1 Hot Stick, Length (D) = 63”
462-4KHSB Hot Stick, Length (D) = 72”