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E-Houses / PDCs

E-houses.  MCC buildings. PDCs.  RTUs.  Everyone has a different name for them.  And a different application.  But one thing we can agree on:  whether you need Medium Voltage power for your Ball Mill, a small MCC building for your well-pad, or a relay control building for your 138KV utility substation,  our “self-framing” electrical buildings are the most rugged solution in the industry, still at an economical price.  We provide a turnkey solution – we build the building, supply the gear, and complete the installation.  Our goal is field plug and play. 

We can build your field-ready building incorporating and integrating any of the following equipment:       
  • MCCs (480V and Medium Voltage)
  • Switchgear (up to 38KV)
  • Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starts
  • UPS / Battery Backup
  • PLCs / Programmable Controls
  • Relay Panels
  • Solar panels / TEGs for remote power / RTUs
  • Operators cabs / equipment controls

All buildings are engineered and sized to your application needs.  Our standard design can accommodate buildings up to 18 feet wide in a single unit or 30 feet wide built in splits, built as long as you need (we have built many over 100 feet long).  In-house engineering resources provide support for all your requirements:  HVAC sizing, insulation requirements, PE stamps, special documentation, etc.

About our building design

Our “self-framing” building design results in a flat, continuous 10-gauge steel wall on the interior of the building, perfect for mounting gear, or, heaven forbid, easy field modifications for an added switch or transformer. Our first applications, with mining customers 20 years ago, required a design that could be moved over and over and over again. Now, our customers in the oil & gas, power and utility, and industrial sectors all are experiencing the same building quality. Call us for more details.