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John Houston

ChairmanJohn Houston Portrait

As the son of a local businessman and a school teacher, John is a true native of Price, Utah. After graduating from Carbon High School in 1971, John went on to graduate from Provo Technical College (Utah Valley University) in Provo, Utah in 1973. Returning to Price, he worked for an electrical contractor as an electrician. John then moved on to the mining industry, working for Arco Coal Company from 1975 to 1981 as an electrician and then Maintenance Manager. His next job was with Utah Power and Light’s Mining Division (Emery Mining) from 1981 to 1990, working as an electrical technician and then as General Manager of Electrical Maintenance. From his experience, John saw the need for repair services and technology support for the coal mining industry in the western United States.

John started Intermountain Electronics in 1985 doing electrical component repairs. With the help of his wife Jeri, the business began to grow and expand beyond repair services. The growing customer base dictated the expansion into providing power equipment manufacturing and technological support. From its meager beginnings in one small building, John has been able to assemble a team of industry experts that have built Intermountain Electronics into one of the fastest growing independently owned companies in the United States, with more than ninety employees and annual growth in excess of twenty percent. Intermountain Electronics now provides engineering and design services along with equipment manufacturing and distribution to companies around the world from eight locations across the United States.


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