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Ken Williams

Vice President, Administrative Services

Ken Williams Portrait

Ken Williams is the Vice President of Administrative Services. Having served in this capacity since 2009, Ken advances corporate procurement functions, IT functions, and strategic planning, working across all organizational units to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all individuals.

In addition, Ken works alongside corporate procurement to enact cost savings initiatives, part standardizations, and process improvements.

Ken originally joined IE in 2006 as a Technology Specialist. His first task was to implement a state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to give IE the tools needed to succeed in today’s market. The system he implemented transformed business and manufacturing processes at IE, and it remains at the core of operations in the company today with his continued updating, customization, and development of the system.

Ken is well versed in IT functions, having worked for more than 10 years as an independent IT consultant before joining IE. During his tenancy, Ken interfaced with hundreds of small business clients in Utah to aid them in all their computer, network, and software needs.

Ken received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management Information Systems from Utah State University. He also holds a certificate of Human Resource Management and a Masters of Business Administration Essentials certificate from the University of Utah.

Ken loves to spend time doing fun activities with his family. Ken loves to help each family member build themselves as an individual in addition to helping the family unit build as a whole.

Ken also loves to learn new things, and is an avid reader and seeker of knowledge. 


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