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LACTS - lease automated custody transfer units

Our LACT units showcase our engineering, power and automation, piping and instrumentation, and programming capabilities.  Sleep easy knowing that our in-house, world-class controls and automation group will ensure your LACTs are integrated and start-up perfectly on site.  

Standard designs available, or we build to your specific requirements.  We are not a pump house.  Thus unlike others who might force their pump line onto your project, we will utilize the best pumps per the application. If you have your own concept but want some design help, our application team will work with you to flesh out the P&ID, components, and get the job right.  

Examples of projects/designs:
  • Medium volume truck LACT (e.g. 2” metering, 4,000-7,000 bpd low pressure transfer)
  • High volume, high pressure pipeline LACT (e.g. 4” metering, up to 50,000 bpd)
  • Combo LACTs for truck offload and pipeline booster
  • Dual LACTs (oil and water) with built-in bypass for interchangeability and redundancy
  • Economical “Mini-LACTs” for individual wells with flow rates of as low as 300-750 bpd.  

14,000 BPD, 3 Inch Truck LACT with 25hp Pipeline Booster Pump 

 20,000 BPD Pipeline Metering LACT



MCC Control Room for Combination LACT/Wellpad MCC/Instrument Air building – 100% pre-wired

 3" Combination Truck/Pipeline LACT