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Mine Electrical Systems

Intermountain Electronics understands the needs and stringent physical and electrical requirements for equipment used in underground mining, surface mining, and tunneling environments. We design and build new electrical equipment or recondition and repair existing equipment.

Intermountain Electronics ensures that the equipment we provide operates efficiently and safely, remains user-friendly for the individuals who operate and maintain it, and complies with all applicable industry standards and MSHA regulations.

Mine Load Centers/Power Centers

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Mine Load Centers are used to transform high voltage input to low voltage outputs.

Intermountain Electronics provides durable and reliable Power Centers of the highest quality, custom designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

  • Input usually in 5 kV to 25 kV classes
  • Output with typical voltage ratings of 480 to 1000 volts
  • Generally provided with appropriate overcurrent protection, monitoring, metering, and means for disconnection

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Switchgear is used to isolate and protect high voltage circuits in underground mines, surface mines, and surface substations. Intermountain Electronics designs and builds switchgear to assure safe and efficient protection of your high voltage distribution system.

  • Low-profile switchgear for underground
  • Full height “walk-in” switchgear
  • Indoor or outdoor switchgear

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Motor Control Centers

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Motor Control Centers (MCCs) are required throughout the mining environment to energize and control drive motors for equipment such as conveyors, pumps, and fans. These applications can range up to thousands of horsepower with low, medium, or high voltage motors.

  • Simple Across-the-line (ATL) arrangements
  • Sophisticated PLC controlled Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Soft-Starts or some combination

Intermountain Electronics integrates these requirements to design and build these starters to your specific requirements with all the physical and technical modifications necessary.

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Longwall Controls

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Longwall mining is a highly productive method of recovering coal and other minerals from underground mines. This method of mining requires large horsepower motors with complex motor control arrangements which may be housed in explosion proof enclosures or non-explosion proof enclosures.

Intermountain Electronics provides these types of controls and the associated engineering, design, MSHA approval applications, and start-up support required for this system of equipment. Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel can smoothly coordinate the utilization of a Longwall Mining System.

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Distribution Boxes

Distribution boxes are used to properly protect low voltage circuits that must be extended to one or more pieces of equipment. These applications may be in permissible explosion proof enclosures or non-explosion proof enclosures. Each box may have multiple output circuits depending on the mine’s requirements. Intermountain Electronics configures these distribution boxes to provide the most effective and convenient arrangement for the customer. Intermountain Electronics can also assist in obtaining MSHA approvals for permissible systems when required.

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Substations are used by underground and surface mines to transform utility or generator supplied electrical power to the required voltage.

  • House supporting bus, switches, arrestors, insulators, breakers, and other electrical components
  • Permanent substation design with individual stand-alone components
  • Fixed indoor, outdoor, walk-in substation design
  • Portable substation skid-mounted design
  • Durable, heavy duty substation design for trucking or skidding to various locations

Intermountain Electronics has full metal fabrication capabilities for design and assembly of steel structures for substations and switchgear (see our section on ELECTRICAL BUILDINGS). Our portable substations have been operating for years in harsh mining environments ranging from the extreme heat and blowing sand of the Mojave Desert, the frigid temperatures, snow and ice of the U.S. Continental Divide, the high humidity lowlands of Alabama and Louisiana, and the extremes of the high altitude Andes Mountains in Chile.

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Capacitor Banks

Capacitor Banks are used to improve the power factor of the electrical distribution system which can greatly reduce the costs of power from your utility company.

Capacitor Banks can improve the efficiency and ease of starting motors.

  • Open pole-top assemblies
  • Enclosed banks for indoor, outdoor or underground applications
  • Fixed for continuous operation
  • Switched for utilization as required
  • A combination of fixed and switched capacitors

Intermountain Electronics can assist in the analysis of your electrical system to determine your capacitor requirements. We can then provide these capacitors in a package to suit your specific needs.

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Diesel Generator Sets

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Diesel powered generator sets provide a portable power source for applications where utility supplied power is not available.

  • Mine start-up 
  • Back-up for ventilation fans
  • Large generators for moving shovels and drills in surface mines
  • Compact, low-profile, skid-mounted generators in underground mines

Intermountain Electronics is an industry leader in providing these custom-built generator sets that comply with all applicable standards and regulations for safe and efficient operation. Intermountain Electronics has teamed with CleanAIR Systems to provide Emissions Control Technology and Retrofit Technology and will advise you on meeting MSHA and EPA clean air standards.

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