As an integrator/fabricator of electrical power distribution, mechanical, and control solutions, IE is uniquely positioned to support your modular mission critical/data center deployments. Large data center developers have embraced the use of modular prefabricated functional blocks over traditional “stick built” construction methodologies. These prefabricated modules are predominantly deployed for electrical power distribution and for mechanical cooling systems.

The advantages of embracing the use of prefabricated functional blocks include:

● Faster time to market as construction schedules are shortened.
● A higher overall build quality over traditional “stick built” deployments.
● Optimized deployment of capital as capacity can be deployed when needed in pre-engineered capacity blocks (typically in the 2MW range).
● Minimized disruption when adding, integrating, or retrofitting capacity to an existing data center.

We have provided critical infrastructure equipment for multiple sectors over thirty years.  In the past three years, we have provided electrical distribution modules on over 50 MW of Mission Critical deployments across the US, including on both the East and West coasts, and with hyperscale and government data center operators.  Our two Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Specialist engineers will work with you and leverage our full set of capabilities to meet your requirements. We can provide:

Power Distribution Units: We manufacture power distribution units tuned for use in data center / mission critical applications. We have deep experience and OEM pricing with ABB, Siemens, Eaton, and Schneider and have delivered modular integrated switchgear and associated control equipment in our self-framing steel buildings to a major data center in the Pacific North West. We can deliver power distribution systems in skid-mounted or in e-house configurations to suit your needs.

Control Buildings and Enclosures: Our custom fabrication capabilities mean we can fully package your control panels, SCADA systems, switchgear, batteries, or any other equipment – turnkey. With fully outfitted test benches in our facilities, we can do full voltage testing up to 25KV.

Battery storage / energy storage: Our electrical buildings offer storage solution providers/battery OEMs the perfect “packaging” footprint for projects in a “sweet spot” range - where converted shipping containers are too small, yet the project is not well suited for a large, site-built building.

Portable / Unit Substations: We build skid or trailer mounted unitized substations, custom designed to meet all NEC, IEEE, and local standards. Designs available up to 138KV and 20MVA. Perfect solutions when you need something fast, economical, or potentially redeployed.

Data Center in a Box: We can provide small self-contained data centers that are perfect for edge computing applications or for some compute-intensive applications such as bitcoin mining. They allow for rapid deployment to meet your expanding requirements.