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Power & Utility

We have supported utilities and power producers for over 30 years.  Our deep capabilities in MV power, SCADA systems, relay panel build and programming, and LV & MV testing make us the ideal packager for any of your custom projects.  We provide:

Protective Relay / Control Panels:  We manufacture relay switchboards or cabinets utilizing the relay manufacturer of your choice.  We have deep experience and OEM pricing with Schweitzer (SEL), GE-Multilin, ABB, and others.  Our standalone, UL 508a panel facility ensures both high quality and low cost.

Medium Voltage Switchgear:  We build switchgear up to 25KV and will package third party switchgear up to 38KV .

Control Buildings and Enclosures:  Our custom fabrication capabilities mean we can fully package your control panels, SCADA systems, switchgear, batteries, or any other equipment – turnkey.   With fully outfitted test benches in our facilities, we can do full voltage testing up to 25KV.   


Battery storage / energy storage:  Our electrical buildings offer storage solution providers/battery OEMs the perfect “packaging” footprint for projects in a “sweet spot” range - where converted shipping containers are too small, yet the project is not well suited for a large, site built building.  Our 60’ building design is perfect for a 2-2.5MW “block”.  If you need 10MW, four of them will get you covered.

Portable / unit substations:  We build skid or trailer mounted unit

ized substations, custom designed to meet all NEC, IEEE, and local standards.  Designs available up to 138KV and 20MVA.  Perfect solutions when you need something fast, economical, or potentially redeployed.  

Specialty:  Our custom fabrication, electrical, and testing capabilities mean we can design any special equipment to your requirements.

Please see our products page for more information on each.