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Shawn Norton

General Manager - Price Facility 

Shawn was born and raised in Carbon County, Utah where the mining industry has been a significant influence in his life. Growing up in a community where families were greatly affected by the supply and demand of coal, made him want to pursue a career that would support and help modernize the industry.

Shawn first earned an Associate degree in Science from the College of Eastern Utah and then went on to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University in 1991. He then went to work for PacifiCorp in Salt Lake City, Utah as a Project Engineer.

Wanting to return to his home town of Price, he transferred to Energy West Mining (a subsidiary of PacifiCorp), where he worked as an Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, and Shift Foreman.

In 1997 Shawn received the opportunity to put his degree and experience into a career at Intermountain Electronics where he has played an integral part in assisting the company in becoming one of the leading manufacturers of electrical power distribution equipment.

In his current role as General Manager, Shawn and his group of engineers oversee the design, fabrication, and assembly of some of the greatest electrical equipment manufactured.

Proud to be part of the Intermountain Electronics team and proud to be serving the mining industry while raising his family in his hometown, Shawn reflects this pride in the quality of work and service he helps Intermountain Electronics provide.


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